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It seems that God has forgiven us, we return to paradise

According to the Old Testament, the free will of Adam and Eve annoyed God who, in order to punish us, expelled us from paradise and told us “you will have to get dress and go to work every day to earn a living”.

It seems that he is lifting our punishment.

Coronavirus has made it possible for people to work in their balls from home and, thanks to automation, robotization and artificial intelligence, machines are taking over most of the jobs that human beings have been doing.

It is estimated that 50%~80% of the jobs that currently exist are under serious threat of death in the next 5–10 years because a machine will do the job and, I am sorry to say, probably better.

( Yes, new jobs will also be created but I tell you that creating is much slower than destroying )

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And the question is, is this bad in itself?

In the short term, it’s going to make a mess of things, but deep down, it’s a big step forward for humanity. So big that it’s going to cost us our digestion.

Scientists have done their job by creating ingenuity that works better than us (we no longer have to enslave people!) Now the ball is in the court of the politicians and economists. Until now our income and social class came from our work, even our surnames in many cases come from our jobs! If there is no work, where does my income and social recognition come from?

This is the problem to be solved now, and it is bound to make the future very different from what the past has been.

It is going to take very creative minds with few links to the “that’s how things work”, and very tenacious people who are able to overcome a barrage of criticism every time you want to change a “habit”.

My personal bet is that we are moving towards a future where;

young people will have to step forward and lead the change, working hours will be made more flexible and reduced, we will have more and more “free” time and we will use it to invent the new future. States will become increasingly global and multilateral. We will need politicians and policies of exceptional quality that prioritise people’s well-being. State capitalism will be practiced as never before and the figure of the “benevolent dictator” will be revered. Governments will play a decisive role and will have to soften the initial blow with unprecedented social measures. Freedoms will be curtailed and control over individuals will be tightened. The central banks will have to issue money on a cash-on-hand basis (they are already doing so) to finance states in this transition. The banks as we know them will collapse because the states will no longer be able to afford their bankruptcies, and universal subsidy measures such as the minimum living income will make more and more sense.

Our generation is going to witness what is probably the fastest and radical evolution in history of human beings. Hold on to the chair.

We are returning to paradise, although the road will not be easy, and will certainly cost us a good deal of our free will.

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Javier Jiménez @ Mars Explorers Wanted

Javier Jiménez @ Mars Explorers Wanted

Optimist. Futurist. Entrepreneur. Cloud & Cybersecurity Expert at

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